The City Centre, literally across the street from db Tower,
will house some of the most sophisticated fine dining restaurant brands in the world.


Reaching out to the water’s edge of the beautiful St.George’s Bay,
the City Centre beach club will be the ultimate in chic relaxation
by the crystal clear Mediterranean.


db Tower residents don’t have to walk far to their choice of exclusive global retail brands.
In fact they just need to cross the road to the City Centre shopping mall.


The City Centre will have its own elegant and brand-packed supermarket, open for long hours.
db Tower staff would also be happy to do the shopping for you and deliver it to your doorstep.

One of the most architecturally fascinating features of the City Centre is the Sky Bar.
Perched at the very top of the building like a bird on a branch it will offer spectacular views
matched only by its own cosmopolitan décor, entertainment and service.